Standalone Adblock Monetization

Monetize Adblock Traffic Efficiently

Anti Adblock Technology which complements your existing solutions.

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Cutting-Edge Anti Adblock Technology

The Change is Here

Our technology helps publishers and advertisers build a sustainable and profitable future online

The Adcovery Advantage

Adcovery allows you to reach ad-blocking users with high-performance, quality advertising. With Adcovery you can remove "Please messaging" and Adblock walls which drive users away.

Maximize your CPMs
Raise earnings with new revenue streams.
Maintain Full Control
Choose the Ads you want to display.
Delight Users
Show them native advertising matching their interests.

Ad blocker traffic is the most valuable inventory you never knew you had, here's why...

monetize adblock traffic

They are educated, higher earners with significant buying power and disposable income.

They are high-frequency consumers of digital content and spend a lot of time pursuing interests they are passionate about.

Analyze Adblock traffic

They are heavily impacted by the content they consume online and draw upon this influence when making purchasing decisions.

They are early adopters and highly receptive towards trying products and services they discover.

First Time on themeforest
Standalone Solution
Our service is 100 percent independent. We run Ads without any 3rd party services and have premium demand.
High Performance
Double your RPM’s with our attractive revenue sharing compared to the competition.
Easy Installation
You can install Adcovery with Cloudflare, WordPress, or a simple Script. Once it’s installed, it just works.


More than 2000 happy publishers worldwide are using Adcovery. Ad blocker usage is growing quickly and is due to skyrockect over the next 2 years.

Worldwide Publishers trusted Adcovery!

Leverage new revenue streams now!

Each week publishers optimize their sites with sustainable and targeted Adcovery advertising.


Happy publishers


Patents filed


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You have the choice

Compare Anti-Adblock solutions

Take the right decision depending on your needs.

There are different opportunities you can take in the Adblocking industry. You will have to choose between preventing access to your content, giving a part of your revenues to Adblock, or choosing to be independent with a controlled and evolutive Adblock monetization.




Free of charge
Earn 40% more revenues
Seamless monetization
100% traffic monetized
Measured with dynamic RPM
Fully secure technology
Adblock wall



Charge fees
Recover 5% of revenues
Intrusive Pop-Up messaging
60% Adblock users detected
Approximative Adblock figures
Bad user experience

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