The truth behind Adblock Recovery

The truth behind Adblock Recovery

Nowadays we are seeing more and more Ad recovery solutions as an alternative against Adblock.

How does it work and do you really need them?

The story begins with EYEO Gmbh, the company which owns the web browser extensions ‘Adblock‘ and ‘Adblock Plus’. Their strategy is to deal with Ad recovery companies as mercenaries. These soldiers prospect new publishers’ websites every day offering them the ultimate solution for Ad Recovery.

On one hand EYEO blocks your ads and makes you lose revenue, and on the other they allow you to recover your ads only if you pay them, directly or indirectly, through third party Ad recovery companies.
A lot of Native Ad networks also pay EYEO to be displayed on certain websites.

This practice could be considered as theft or racketeering and you are right to ask yourself this question: 
Where is the integrity of internet values?

Why you don’t need Ad Recovery companies

Because you can deal directly with EYEO to recover your ads without an intermediary. Your website will be whitelisted on their list. Ad recovery companies don’t own any technology, they just take a compensation for this hidden partnership. Rest assured that they will never tell you they are dealing with Eyeo.

It doesn’t just stop there, they also created “Acceptable Ads” a Committee of ad tech companies and important Medias. The objective of this Committee is to define what are “acceptable” ads that can be displayed to users. In fact, all ads can be “Acceptable” for EYEO, even Display Advertising. They accept the same invasive ads that users don’t want.

EYEO has argued that “150 million ad-blocking users have consented to seeing Acceptable Ads”.
The TRUTH is : Users have NEVER consented. Furthermore, the tools used by publishers to be GDPR compliant in Europe like Quantcast are too often blocked by EYEO… In other words they don’t care about user privacy and have never valued it.

What can you do?

You can deal directly with EYEO to recover a small percentage of your revenues.
Why only a small percentage? Because you will recover earnings only with ‘Adblock’ and ‘Adblock Plus’ users, you will not recover revenues with the other Adblockers of the market which represent more than 70% of the Adblock users in the world.

In 2021 Adcovery will launch its own Ad Recovery solution, giving 100% transparency of fees and most importantly, respecting online integrity.

Users are less and less satisfied with ‘Adblock’ and ‘Adblock Plus’ and choose Adguard or uBlock as a sustainable alternative.

Adcovery is the only ad tech company in the world that is able to monetize 100% of your Adblocked inventory thanks to its patented technology. We are complementary to your existing solutions with EYEO and it is our mission to maximize your revenues with a respectful ad unit for the user.

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